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Video Project (2) (604x414)

What is it?

60 doors created by French and Texan artists exhibited citywide in 2013 – 60 doors created and installed in 19 locations in Houston – In partnership with Houston’s educational and cultural institutions, it makes a lasting contribution to Houston’s vibrant […]

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Students and professors are involved!

What is it ? In addition to the international core of urban artists’ creations, Open the Door sought design submissions by artistic teams from educational […]

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Cultural Trail Map

In 2013, French and Texan artists, with Houston-based educational and cultural institutions, have committed to collaborate in a unique, inclusive and interactive public art project. Starting January 2013, 60 imposing door […]

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« OPEN THE DOOR » and be part of our 50 sponsors and partners! OPEN THE DOOR is supported by a 501 (C) 3 organization. Any contribution is tax deductible. Three sponsorship packages are available with different levels of benefits […]

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