Open the door houston Uncategorized For two weeks in the spring of 2013, twelve professional artists from France and Texas turned one side of the door

For two weeks in the spring of 2013, twelve professional artists from France and Texas turned one side of the door

The exhibition entitled “Reversal of the Door” was organized in four buildings in Besançon and Dijon in France and Tyler, Texas. The artists reversed the side at which the doors were facing, making it difficult to enter through them.

“The artists were challenged to find a new way of perceiving the world from their respective sides of the door,” said Léa Gousse, Director of French Artist Association. “This experiment is not only about crossing borders between cultures but also about how we perceive others.”

The artists met on the internet and decided to work together in a unique project- to paint one door. Visitors would see two doors side by side, one painted by each artist.

The exhibition was organized in France and Texas. The French-side of the door had a white background with blue flowers whereas the Texan-side had a brown background with red flowers.

The purpose of the exhibition was to show both sides of the French-Texan cultural divide. The two weeks that they spent in each other’s company, they created art and exchanged ideas, giving a glimpse into what life might look like if the two cultures came together.

In this case, the artists not only visited each other’s countries for a brief period but also turned one side of their door into an art piece. When you travel to a new place, whether it’s your home country or another country for work or leisure, it helps you see things from another perspective and deeper understanding. This can help with culture shock symptoms during international traveling.

Twelve professional artists from France and Texas came together to exhibit a collaborative piece of art in Madrid, Spain. This is one of the many art collaborations that have taken place across the globe with different pieces beyond the realm of sight.

On April 13, 2013, French and Texan artists collaborated on a door installation at Palacio de Cristal in Madrid, Spain. This collaboration was an artistic statement about the commonality of art and creativity throughout the world. The artists collaborated on this project for just two weeks in spring 2013.

The six-panel door used to lead into Palacio de Cristal’s main hallway when it was first built by Francisco de Goya (1746-1828).

Six people in France and six people in the United States, twelve artists for one door.

For a period of time, twelve professional artists from France and the United States exhibited their art on one side of an ordinary wooden door. The event was organized by a non-profit organization called Arts in Action together with the Dallas Museum of Art.

Artists were given the challenge of creating something original with the only limitation that they could not use any materials to paint on the outside of a door. Out of thirty submissions, twelve were selected for a public exhibition and sale.

This door was installed in an art gallery in Paris, France during spring 2013. The exhibition consisted of 12 individual paintings that were chosen from 30 submissions from artists from France and Texas. One painting was selected for the exhibition and sale, which is seen here in this image.

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