April 13th 2013 – OTD at Sabor del Northside Fest

This year, Open The Door were a special guest at the Second Annual Sabor del Northside Festival.

The artists and us were at Castillo Park on Saturday March, 13th to present their work to the public. 6 doors are displayed there and will be until December 2013, right in front of Marshall Middle School and behind the library. It was a lot of fun!

Castillo Park represents the 4th phase of the Cultural Trail: The Wall. This phase symbolizes the challenges, the obstacles you have to overcome to fulfill your dream, to realize your project.

The six doors installed at Castillo Park, painted by the following artists, were celebrated in their presence:

As always, so many people were here to celebrate and discover the doors! See you at the next event, on April 30th at River Oaks Park!