Bella Grant – Awty International School

My design promotes the “Open the Door” mission statement as it is based on the idea of a new experience, and the journey in which these experiences take us on. My design is a busy scene, illustrating all aspects of life from the very beginning of the universe (throughout the space and stars on the top and bottom of the door) to the final moments of our life (portrayed through the Mexican Calavera skull, signifying death).

This whole cycle in itself is a journey – a long process in which every person goes through in his or her lifetime. In addition, my door promotes the mission statement as the scene exposes the concept of discovering new cultures and the emotions/feelings that we experience during these encounters. Specifically, how different and fascinating these new views and ways of life can be – this is illustrated by the array of colors and objects on the door.

All of these objects are so uncommon, from the octopus to the hypnotizing swirls. These bizarre objects and designs make us reconsider what we believe to be normal – similar to what we go through when discovering a new culture. My design allows these norms to be erased as it shows that in reality, we may not all be so different – we all coexist on the same planet and share the resources in it. This concept is shown in my design as the earth is the focus of the piece, and the two opposite sides ultimately come together; revealing the project’s goal of integrating two opposite cultures under one common goal.