Bereniz Martinez – University of Houston Downtown

“LOVEBIRDS” is an inspired art piece that I learned from my passed that says “You could find love even in the darkest of days.” Or “When there’s an end theirs a beginning.” Two ways I like to look at my art work, and a lesion well learned. This is inspired from a resent heart break of mines, the one time I trusted someone with my heart. I still look back and wonder if he remembers me, the girl who loved him more than anything, but I try not to fall back to the feelings I once had. I knew my life wasn’t over I found hope and love inexpertly that brought me back to the light. I found love not for someone but for something: Art.

Art is a way to express myself, a way to find myself when I was lost and alone, a way to love again and to be love. I later on found Raven and Piñta, both of my kittens that I saved and given a home also know as my babies. While I was still hurting Rave and Piñta was there to night my life just a little better. Little by little I learned to love life again, and to not be afraid to live it. You can say “LOVEBIRDS” had a lot of meaning to it but to me it stands for HOPE. Hope for a brighter tomorrow. Hope for a happiness. Hope to dream. Hope for love. Whatever you believe in, I want to bring hope.  Having FATE is also something I believe in. This art piece is just so beautiful to me and if given the chance to show it off to all of Houston and maybe the world would mean so much to me, and let me know that everything I worked hard for wasn’t for nothing. Having a chance to make someone smile and wanting then to be happy even if it’s for a moment.