Bike Ride « Open The Door », October 13th, 2013


Do you want to live a unique experience?

Are you interested in knowing more about some of the doors you have seen popping up for the past few months around the City? Please join us on Sunday October 13 for a special bike ride organized by TFAA. During this bike ride that will take you from the Central Library Downtown to Memorial Park, you will discover the doors from a unique perspective, and get insight from some of the artists…..
To be continued

More details about the ride:
Date: October 13, 2013
Time of departure: 2pm (Please arrive 20min before departure), departure at the Houston Public Library, 500 Mc Kinney
End of the bikeride: 4:30 pm at the Mc Kinney Houston Public Library
Distance: 11,6 miles

Please RSVP at before Friday, October 11!

All riders are welcome to join us, professional or not, take your bike and "Open the Door"! Bikers from University of Houston Downtown and from Houston Accueil will also participate to the ride.

See the map of the ride below

Open the Door Bike Route 2