Didi Garza, Jan Jbeili, and Ann McGinty – Glassel School of Art

With a team of 3 art­ists who each work with mixed media assemblag­es, our concept is based on the notion that “Doors Open Doors.” The idea is to assemble multiple small intriguing doors onto the 3’x6’ revolving door structure so that viewers may interact by opening and closing them. Each small door within the large door will be assembled from found objects includ­ing scrap wood, door molding, hinges, door knobs, keys, locks or door knockers. Small doors will vary in size, shape, texture and color.

Each door will open reveal­ing reflective plexiglass mirrors and each interior will differ from the others in dynamic variations. A mirror may be warped, fragmented, kaleido­scopic, or collages. The discoveries lying in wait behind each door will engage curiosity, prompt­ing and encouraging the viewer to open other doors in wonder of what lies behind each door to be opened.