Ella Jakubowicz – Awty International School

My work is inspired by the Big Bang theme and can also be connected to the dream, it is a combination of many symbols from diverse backgrounds but also of my new life in Houston since my arrival last year (represented by the American flag and the cupcake), it is also a combination of lines, patterns, shapes and colors, I used to give character and life to my drawing.
This project is very different from what I have done previously. I had the opportunity to use various materials and various techniques (painting gouache or acrylic, charcoal, pencil, colored pencil, pastel, watercolor, pottery and mosaic), which I think influenced me.

I do not claim to have found my own style, I think my drawings and paintings evolve, follow each other but don’t resemble each other. However, what is very different from what I’ve done before, these are the colors, it is indeed the first time that I use as many bright colors, I often use instead neutral tones, and I often leave a lot of « empty » space, just colored.

I loved working on this project and I had the opportunity to surprise myself. I enjoy the finished result.
When I started, I didn’t have a basic idea. I read the instruction sheet. While drawing small objects very close, I still drafted, I colored it and I thought eventually it would correspond to the big bang, with the planet and the stars, the first things that I drew, and with the addition of many different objects, without any relationships between them I thought of the dream. I first wanted to use pastel colors, an idea that I abandoned thinking that the project will not be “strong” enough.