Emily McKintrick, Felipe Sanchez, Mitchel Barry – Westchester Academy for International Studies

We feel that our entry makes us think of “The Big Bang” with Texas and France intermeshing and causing excitement.  The flowing ribbon shows excitement as it waves near the fleur de lis.  The images of the Texas Capitol and the Alamo are in the background.   The bluebonnet- Eiffel Tower dominates the foreground.

The bluebonnet-Eiffel Tower is like a wall – it seems impossible to grow, but the structure of the tower and bluebonnet both start with a more dense base and bloom into the ‘pyramid’ shaped tower-flower.

Both the Texas Capitol and the Alamo are leaning toward each other. The Bluebonnet-Eiffel Tower leans slightly. Everything is leaning towards each other and so the title “Texas Leans to France”. The background of the blue, red and white mirrors the Texas flag with the colors of the French flag also in the color scheme.

We see that the capitol would be off-white in color. Also – we envision the bluebonnet being more abstract and perhaps showing more of the Eiffel tower in a final product.  The white background which is part of the Texas Flag could also be a smaller area and perhaps have added texture to set off the ribbon and fleur de lis.

 We all worked on this project – and have learned to collaborate as a result. The power and the change is actually our own experience in collaboration. We met several times to discuss the drawing and to make changes to it. The end product was the result of a journey as student artists. We also see that the Texas Capitol and Alamo could have some slight shading to give them more depth.   The star’s shading is appropriate and it could be that more stars could be added to the white background – though this is not accurate for a Texas flag – still the flag would be recognized with the additional stars.