Eric Alexander – Westchester Academy for International Studies

I really appreciate architecture from around the world.  I have been studying architecture in an off-campus class this year.   I like to study the way the lines of buildings and structures are drawn.

I think of the planning involved in drafting and architectural plans as “The Vision”.  I chose the Texas Capitol as the dominant image in my drawing.  A star is on the left and mirroring the star is the Eiffel Tower.  The Texas Capitol dominates the skyline in Ausin, Texas just as the Eiffel Tower dominates the Paris skyline.

The Texas Capitol and the Eiffel Tower mirror each other in this structures – the capitol, with its round dome is a convex shape.  Fitting like a puzzle piece, the Eiffel Tower is a concave shape.

Surprisingly, the Eiffel Tower and the Texas State Capitol were built within one year of each other!   The capitol was originally built in 1888 and the Eiffel Tower was built in 1889.

Both structures were the result of a contest to find the best architectural designs.    The Texas capitol design was a national competition.   The Eiffel Tower design was an entry for the entrance building to the World Fair of 1889.   The Texas capitol is the largest of all state capitols in square footage.

Besides representing “The Vision”, my drawing also represents “The Journey and The People” because architects designed both buildings – and there is a sense of travel when a viewer sees recognizable architectural structures.

I prefer to use neutral colors in my design – like blueprint drawings.  But the background could include the flag colors – I ran out of time to add that color.   I see the capitol and Eiffel tower with blacks and grays in great detail.   Also, there could be a reflection of the tower in the foreground.