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My nom de can is GONZO247. I started practicing Graffiti/Street Art at 13 years of age and have been creatig spray paint-based artwork since the mid-80’s.  Houston, Texas has always been my home and the center for growth in my art career.  As I was growing up I found myself not only attracted to graffiti, but to art in general.  Graffiti was my gateway drug to the art world.  I discovered inspiration in many different art forms   and strived to surround myself with artists who shared the same artistic energy and positive outlooks that I really felt art was about.  I devoted my time to exposing myself to many forms of art including, but not limited to Contemporary art, Ice art, Folk Art, digital and video expression, international art, fashion and other forms. These influences have translated into my versatile artistic abilities and openness to continue evolving as an artist.  Many years of volunteer work for different arts organizations, supporting artists by sponsoring their first art exhibition and showing well-known artists through my gallery/studio space have made me passionate about producing exhibitions, fostering teamwork and curating shows. This versatile background, along with my many interests and travels,,has created a wholeness inside me and within my art.

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