Jean Buchler – Westchester Academy for International Studies

When we decorate doors like this competition, the act has meaning for us internationally.   Really, the creation helps explore new thingsand learn about other peoples’ ways of life.  When I decided to take French as my language, it was a conscious decision that I made without guidance.  It was to learn the language as well as something more.   How does one speak without at some point running into culture or history?   We have lots of information and interaction with France, especially when our exchange students arrive.   That time is when we learn the very most while we use our language skills.   Every opportunity gives us the chance to practice and go more in depth about the traditions and country.

Even people who remain monolingual they learn the cultures of other countries in high school, world history and other classes.  Although we are lucky that such classes are available, I find it better to learn culture through extracurricular activities like decorating.  My hope for this project is not just to win, but to learn.  Although I worked on it alone, I’ve pledged to do my best and in my own way.  Plus, I’ll hopefully have a chance to collaborate on the final “door” with French and Texas artists.  We’re so fortunate to have French, art, and social studies classes where we examine France in so many different ways.

Giving opportunities like this really enriches the people involved  and even those who only see the final product.  It’s an excellent way to get more students interested in studying and learning about France.

I see my sketch representing the Journey and the People.  The Eiffel tower is personified with a French hat and is being lassoed and has a Texas belt on.  If needed, I can ask some of the advanced high school artists to work with me.

In Collaboration with: Rachel Chan