Jeffrey Wang – Westchester Academy for International Studies

The reason I have chosen to do my door design with this unique and different idea is because I want to show people how we live in a society where people are used to being in the same routine over and over again while all around the world there are very unique and different ideas. Thus I want to show people how even though that things might not be what everyone is use to, they’re very interesting and amazing things to see within the world and how learning something new can create a new experience. Every culture brings new things so I would love to show people that accepting another culture can bring a new light a person’s life.

I am also very interested in participating in this contest because I am Chinese/Korean and I, at times, have been made fun of criticized in how I would do things so by entering this contest I believe that I might be able to show people that even though things are different from what they expect they should not criticize it but learn to adapt to the changes within the world. I am also very excited to join because I have never really shown or expressed my ideas to the public before or to anyone so entering this contest i will be able to see if my ideas or designs would be able to go against other people ideas and designs. I am still only a teenager in high school still learning how the world really works so I have not had any « real » works but instead I have designed/created what my teachers have guided me to do as well as in how to design/create these previous works through tutorials other people have left me to learn from. The only work that I have created on my own would have been the « OP Art, Fractal! (Original) >:D »