Jin Young Oh – Glassel School of Arts

My work is inspired by the 4th location, ‘The Wall’. I am a Korean immigrant who Settled in Houston, Texas. I got to know this project when I went to Glassell School of Art. My experience as an alien staying in the United States made me curios of this project, which is based on the purpose of intercultural understanding.

 I want to put the sculpture on the door. The sculpture will consist of positive and negative relief describing a Asian-American girl who tries to open the door. I think that the act of opening the door shows the willing of go forward to the new world. Yet it requires courage for individuals to get into the strange circumstance because of fear. At the same time, it is curiosity of a little girl expecting something new. I install the handle at bit upper than usual so that the girl can show her willing and curiosity clearly with trying to reach to it. As I said above, it is supposed to be the combination of positive and negative relief. I want to emphasize the message that the door is not the line dividing two different spaces, but the gateway connecting two spaces. Even if the door exists as a steel material, the essence of it is only shallow surface of our perception. The base surface of my sculpture between positive and negative relief can represent the contact area of the distinguished space.

 I had practiced sculpture studying Auguste Rodin since high school. During college, I continued to model human body and produced art works focusing the beautiful move of human body. As developing my works further, I got more interested in patterning the part of human body instead of presenting the whole body. The transformation. In this way, the sculpture can overcome the traditional way of sculpture a bit. I understand my work could be considered tedious in this era of contemporary art but I believe it still has powerfulness to convey the clear message as public arts.

 If I can get the opportunity to participate in this project, my door work can be meaningful showing myself as an Asian immigrant who is opening the door and stepping first toward to the strange but brand-new world of opportunity.