Joe Kagle – LSC-Kingwood

Over my international career as an artist and professor (over 47 years), I have lived my creative and my teaching career with mantras that I shared with my audience (global viewers) and my students (also global). To break down cultural barriers I have recently tried to live by Steve Jobs’ mantra “Busy Being Born” each day as a way to find new avenues (new doors to open). From 2008 through 2012, I created 67 books (120 pages each) and over 1500 visual works. This door proposal comes from those works of art and my writing for my students and an international audience (using several global websites). All 67 books to date, visual and written, are called by the generic title: TO KNOW IS TO GROW. Recently, I have used the adventures of Spencer West, with his motto “Redefine Possible” when he climbed Mr. Kilimanjaro with no legs, to move my work into avenues that I could not imagine a few years ago (therefore I changed to REDEFINING POSSIBLE in this proposal). Also, I have been pushing myself forward with F.L. Wright’s credo, “Yes, ‘less is more’ is useful, except when more is better.

Ultimately, the assemblage of these works has been a team effort, my images brought together with the expertise and artistry of Long Star College’s Media Center (a group of students who allow me to join them with their technology skills-such as: scanning images and laminating assembled artworks into finished works of art which can be shown anywhere). With this team, I plan to place on our door something universal which will open minds in any culture. (Note: although the image itself is created by me, I wish to give credit to the students who have helped me in the last three years- and now- to finish a process which I could not do alone.)