Karla Morales – University of Houston Downtown

The idea of learning of what people have to offer has always fascinated me, to learn about different cultures, new places or even different phases in one’s life is important. The setting for my design is the sea, the background has a shade effect, from purple to light aqua. The focus point is a large green octopus right in the middle, with its tentacles scattered, as if it were swimming. Below the octopus there are ripped pieces of newspaper and some are colored.

My design “Invisible” describes an octopus swimming through human garbage, I want to send a message to our younger generation and the general public about how important is to care for our ecosystem. In this new age we know about recycling and how to save energy but I still believe that people need to spread the word about helping our oceans and I believe with my design being public to the people of Houston it will give me a great opportunity to show what I have to offer and most importantly I want the viewers to think and to conclude their own meaning of my design.

The other works in my submission have been done in the past year, Made in Italy, a watercolor painting done at the University of Houston- Downtown is one of my favorites because it was my first official watercolor painting. Kolore is a set of four small frames and each represent a primary color except for the fourth one which is a mix of all three, it’s all made from old Archie comics. Scene is one of the acrylic paintings which was done in the summer while I was studying in New York, the painting itself is very simple with not a lot of details, the setting is a bathtub filled with some sort of red liquid, it’s unidentified, the viewer can choose what the character is in, it could be tomato sauce or blood; is up to the viewer. I would like to continue my education in art, specific design, it could be either fashion design or product design.