Kim DeGidio – Academy of Choice

In this design we will have many large, photographed hands. The hands will represent we have the power to many things and a hold of different cultures. A bigger hand is going to be formed by many smaller, different hands. To make this happen- we are going to go and take pictures of different people’s hands small and big, then we will paint flags on the hands to show many different cultures. This will form a even bigger hand, that will tell the opening to other cultures that we hold in this world. The world in the hand will represent the different people on this earth. It will be created by people wearing green and blue, collaged (David Hockney style) to form the shape of the earth.

The road, it will make a path to welcome different people. The different countries will unite together on this road. The Eiffel tower is a place that many people visit. This brings many people from all over the world together. People go and are attractive to it from around the world. We are going to make our own Eiffel tower out of photographs of different architecture.