Leonardo Aguilar – Westchester Academy for International Studies

« My door […] represents the cultures of the world, and it allows us to back in time, so that we can understand that our very beginning, the way we are now, is all because of the way it started. It allows us to represent the variety of cultures in the world, not just one, all of them, and it puts them into one perspective so that the people who look at it, no matter where they are from, will be able to understand it.

This door represents our journey and how cultures we know today are developed. Its design is very effective in promoting that the cultures of the world are the most important thing. It suggests that we ignore everything else, and just focus on the cultures, because that is what makes us who we are, that are what shapes our lives.

My past works have been done mostly in the computer. Most of the work I have done before has been done well, and I have taken my time with it. I do not want to take my time and work really hard to make a beautiful drawing or a perfect painting. I work hard to create something that will end up explaining or conveying my message properly. I want my work to speak to the people, not just look pretty on display. I want the world to hear my art and listen to it, because that is what art is really about, to express yourself, and to express a message. »