Linh Tran Do – Rice University

In « Culture Exchange », people from all over the world meet and interact on crisscrossing roads and multiple paths as they travel on The Journey. Just as the choices we make in life are complex and varied, the different colored paths in « Culture Exchange » branch off, curve around, split away, and join again – a representation of all the different opportunities open to us. Along the way, we meet new people, learn about new cultures, and share our culture with others. All of the figures represent a different country or ethnic group – Thai, Nigerian, Indonesian, Guatemalan, Russian, Brazilian, Persian, Korean, Italian, Mexican and many more. their paths cross over a collage of maps showing the interconnection of countries and cities on this one world that we share.

Culture plays a major role in my life, just as culture impacts everyone whether they are aware or not. As a Vietnamese-American, I am part of the Vietnamese, American, and Vietnamese-American cultures, and I constantly meet friends from very different cultures from mine. in an increasingly globalized society, multicultural interactions become increasingly important, and Open The Door is one great opportunity for such interaction. Though, the idea originally began as a collaboration between French and Texan artists, the call for art reaches out to artists of any cultural background. In a city as diverse as Houston, artists of diverse background will join in and expand upon this collaboration.

My past works represent my journey and growth as an artist, and my current styles continually change as I learn new mediums. in high school, i mainly focused on photo-realism through color pencil drawings. At Rice University as a Visual Arts and Art History double major, i have taken classes in mediums new to me, challenging me to develop new perspectives towards art: painting, printmaking, 4×5 black and white photography, and more to come. On my own time, I am working on developing my skills in digital painting and vector graphics. i hope to open doors for others through my artwork and cultural background.