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Flavien Demarigny, alias Mambo, is a French-Hungarian artist who grew-up in Latin America before moving to France and developing his work as an artist. He compares some of his works to a sort of map of his brain containing his ideas, memories, emotions, dreams, and buried feelings.

The core theme of his creation is the Human Being who is represented by his emblematic character. Through his character, Mambo tries to describe attitudes, feelings, behaviours without revealing the meaning of the action. He wants the spectetors to make up their own mind. In order to express his art, Mambo sometimes uses body, faces, but also, thoughts and, in a subjective way, he expresses his art through our mind contents. He conceives and interpretes his works in an intuitive way. According to the artist « you don’t need any instructions neither points of reference for appreciating a chair, that’s it.

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