Nicola Mosley, Sue Reeves, Joelle Verstraeten – Glassell School of Art

We are a group of three expatriates who found each other at the Glassell school of Art. As expatriates we have all learned to assess our surroundings and assimilate. As artists we have learned to collect our life transitions and convey them into works of art. Romain Froquet wrote with reference to the Open The Door project “This event should not be just an exhibition but also an invitation to experience more than two cultures. It’s a desire to push artists to exchange and share an uncommon support, but in a common domain.” That statement explains the expatriate experience in an artistic context and that is why as a group we are so very excited about this project.

We see our door as a medium by which we will illustrate the layers of our collective expatriate experience. This transitional experience mirrors Peter Gabriel’s invitation to live a cycle of transformation beautifully. We plan to use acrylic paint. On the first layer of our door we will paint an invitation, a light representing a door within a door, a symbol of something beyond. Appearing at the top of the door on the same plane are three blocks of color that represent our individual perceptions stemming from our home, where it all began.

From the bottom of the door the second layer builds horizons of transitioning color representing our journey though other communities that we have experienced and have absorbed into our own identity. Hanging on a thin thread in the foreground of these horizons are three light bulbs. They are our physical presence. Just as a light bulb transforms a room we have impacted our various horizons. But like light transmitted from the bulb we must move through our outer shell and diffuse into our surroundings. Living our new lives we reflect off of our community and absorb new influences to be forever changed before we move on to our next destination, opening another door to a new transformation experience.