Participating Organizations Map

Note: This map indicates where the doors were exhibited in 2013. As temporary art installations, most have been removed. Doors are still exhibited at the French Consul’s residence, Altharetta Yeargin Museum, Houston Vietnam War Memorial, Lone Star College Tomball, and the Academy of Choice. More doors will be installed in Fall 2014, so keep an eye on our website and social media pages for updates!

OPEN THE DOOR stems from the idea that every new experience we encounter, be it a new phase of life, learning about a new culture, or meeting new people, can be represented by the image of a door. We can choose either to leave the door closed or open it and step across the threshold.

This is why OPEN THE DOOR has involved in this project the following Houston institutions and organizations: ArtBridge Houston, Altharetta Yeargin Art Museum, Art League of Houston, The Academy of Choice, Avenue CDC/Go Neighborhood, Awty International School, City ArtWorks, The City of Houston, DiverseWorks, East Downtown Management District, Et Voila Theatre, Fotofest, The French Consulate of Houston, Friends of Emancipation Park, Glassell School of Art, HSPVA, The Houston Parks and Recreation department, Houston Public Library, Houston Storytellers Guild, Houston Sister Cities, Inprint, Lone Star College-Kingwood, Neighborhood Centers Inc., Project Row Houses, Rice University, The Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs, Texas Children’s Cancer Center, Urban Souls, University of Houston Main Campus and Downtown, Writers in the Schools and Westchester Academy for International Studies.

Through these partnerships, the OPEN THE DOOR team wants to create positive bridges between different locations in the city, bridges between cultures and communities, bridges between generations, bridges where there were no bridges before. OPEN THE DOOR reflects and brings to the world Houston’s vibrant cultural scene, quality of life, and its wonderful diversity.


Lone Star College Kingwood
Avenue CDC – Go Neighborhoods
University of Houston Downtown
Houston Public Library
Rice University
University of Houston Main Campus
Glassell School of Art – HSPVA – The Art League Houston
Texas Children Cancer Center
Neighborhood Centers
Awty International School
Altharetta Yeargin Art Museum – Westchester Academy for International Studies

Lone Star College Kingwood:

The Lone Star College System is the largest two-year institution of higher education in Houston and the fastest growing community college in Texas. In addition to providing an affordable, high quality education to its students, LSCS also prepares socially-minded individuals who will make a positive impact in the community. LSCS itself sets an example by being a link to the community through local businesses and organizations.

Avenue CDC:

Avenue Community Development Corporation (CDC) sets itself apart from many community organizations by providing affordable housing in neighborhoods near Houston’s downtown. Their housing programs include home ownership and affordable renting options. In order to preserve the historic landmarks of Houston, Avenue CDC renovates older buildings as environmentally friendly, energy efficient, homes.

Go Neighborhoods:

Go Neighborhoods is a community development organization that works in the Houston area. They propose the concept of sustainable communities, defied as places where families can live, work, and grow. Go Neighborhoods dedicates itself to this principle and achieves it by helping to improve the social, economic, and ecological environments of Houston neighborhoods.

The University of Houston – Downtown:

The University of Houston Downtown campus is part of the larger University of Houston system. UHD partners with the Lone Star College System to provide students an easy transfer to a four-year degree program. UH’ downtown campus is also recognized as a Minority and Hispanic serving institution with a diverse student body.

The Houston Public Library:

The Houston Public Library serves the citizens of Houston by providing access to millions of circulating materials in branches throughout the city. In addition to books, the library also hosts a variety of different programs whose goals range from youth literacy to career help. Many of the library’s initiatives occur in coordination with other community-serving organizations.

Rice University:

With rankings in teaching and research that compare to the nation’s top ranked schools, Rice University is part of the select group of colleges commonly called the “New Ivies.” Rice provides equal emphasis to its undergraduate population as it does to its graduate students. This means that even undergraduates have the opportunity to do research that is usually only available at the Master’s or PhD level. This outreach of research often extends to involve the community through collaborations with some local organizations.

The University of Houston Main Campus:

UH’s Main Campus is the only PhD granting institution in the UH System. In addition to providing a high standard of education for both undergrad and graduate students, UH also has a tradition of community involvement through its research. The research department focused on community advancement seeks to help in areas of economic, educational, and social development in the Houston area.

Glassell School of Art:

The Glassell School of Art hosts three main programs: Junior School, Studio School, and Core Program. These programs are aimed at providing classes and workshops for youth, adult amateur artists, and professional artists, respectively. The Core Program is a special program for artists and art critics who have finished their academic training and are starting on their careers. Within the Junior School and the Studio School, classes offered extend past traditional painting and drawing to include jewelry making, photography, ceramics, etc.


The High School of Performing and Visual Arts was created to help artistically gifted students prepare for a life in the arts while still providing a high quality academic education and social development. As a part of H.I.S.D., HSPVA stands as one of the few schools in a public system to establish a curriculum with an emphasis on the arts. It was the first public school to attempt such a program and remains one of the top performing and visual arts high schools in the nation.

The Art League Houston:

ALH is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and make accessible contemporary visual art. Their primary method of accomplishing this goal is their outreach programs such as Healing Art which provides free art classes for those in the community who suffer from chronic and painful illnesses. They also work with H.I.S.D. and the Harris County Education Department to provide free art classes and art awards to families and students.

Texas Children Cancer and Hematology Center – Arts in Medicine Program:

Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers is the largest pediatric oncology and blood disease center in the United States. U.S. News & World Report ranked the cancer center #1 in Texas and #4 in the United States. A major focus of the center is to develop innovative therapies for those pediatric cancers and blood disorders that pose the greatest challenges for cure.

The Neighborhood Centers:

Neighborhood Centers, Inc. provides resources for developing communities in six centers throughout the Greater Houston area and its surroundings. These centers provide resources for education and support services for those who may not find it elsewhere. Through these resources and services, NCI creates an environment where people can interact and develop their communities.

Awty International School:

Awty in an international school that emphasizes international diversity and cultural development. Students from all cultural backgrounds are accepted and encouraged to become better citizens of the world.

Westchester Academy for International Studies:

Part of the Spring Branch Independent School District, Westchester Academy is a charter school which offers International Baccalaureate classes. This school’s unique curriculum focuses on the integration of globally relevant subjects such as business, language, government, culture, arts, and technology. This merger of international focus and high academic standards produces global citizens.

Altharetta Yeargin Art Museum:

The Altharetta Yeargin Art Museum is an innovative community and educational resource built and run by the Spring Branch Independent School District. This museum provides a special opportunity to Houston’s youth to learn about art from all over the world. AYAM also offers workshops to adults in areas from art appreciation to how to create one’s own piece of artwork.

Project Row Houses:

Project Row Houses was started by community activist and artist Rick Lowe who recognized a need in his community for cultural appreciation and rejuvenation. Today, Project Row Houses produces programs on arts and culture, social infrastructure, and site preservations.


Diverseworks Art Center is not just a gallery. This organization caters to a variety of contemporary art mediums including performing, visual, and literary arts. They provide a space where artists can create and explore experimental artistic methods and theories. Diverseworks also focuses on audience development so that these innovative artists can display their works to the public.

The French Consulate:

The French Consulate of Houston is the diplomatic entity of the Republic of France for the states of Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. Offices of the Consulate foster connections with the U.S. in areas such as culture, education, science and technology, and visa administration. The Houston-based Consulate is very active in a myriad of cultural events including their annual Bastille Day celebration.

The City of Houston:

Known as the Bayou City, Houston is the largest city in Texas. Courtesy of our thriving economy, the cost of living is lower than any other major city in the U.S. Every year, Houston expands in size and population and the city governance is there to provide services to all residents. Headed by mayor Annise Parker, the City of Houston stands as a proud example of a city at its very best.

Houston Parks and Recreation Department:

The Houston Parks and Recreation Department is the governing body tasked with maintaining all public parks and lands in the Houston area. On top of land management, H.P.A.R.D. also provides recreational programming for residents.