Quentin Pace and Michael Martin – University of Houston Downtown

What caused me to become interested in participating in the Open The Door Project is the premise of giving young artists a chance to express their thoughts and work on a grander scale than what they may have experienced in the past, myself included. I feel as though this experience will be a great learning opportunity because I’ve never been involved in a project of this scale and a great way in learning in how to give back to the community through art to be enjoyed by all.

The artwork I designed for the door is about one’s self-realization and finding one’s purpose in life. Throughout out life, we all eventually develop a need to find out our purpose in the grand scheme of things and we tend to spend countless amounts of time pondering upon this. Some are lucky enough to find this sometime during their lifespan while others aren’t so lucky and wonder aimlessly with no goal or self-worth. I believe that this concept fits along “The Vision” section of the Open The Door Timeline because in this self-realization we eventually gain the vision of our purpose in life and then know what goals with need to fulfill in order to accomplish this purpose.

I would describe my work up to this point as a mass collection of portraits and scenes that have played a role, whether minor or major, within my life. I tend to paint and draw portraits, with friends and family being the main focus in most. I enjoy doing portraits because I love showing the character of the subject. I also paint situations that tend to have some symbolic meaning. When it comes to inspiration, these days I’m studying the works of Barkley L. Hendricks, Kehinde Wiley, Alphonse Mucha, and Gustav Klimt.

My path of studying art, like most, began as a child from drawing cartoon characters and reading the comics that my father collected. I didn’t take a real art class until middle school. During the summer between my 8th grade and 9th grade year, I took a couple classes at the Glassell School of Art. From there I went on to take art classes in all four years of my time at Westfield High School, with the last two years being in Advanced Placement classes taught by Mrs. Kim Abshere. Two years after high school, I started to attend UHD where I have taken classes in Painting, Water color, and Graphic Design.