Rachel Chan – Westchester Academy for International Studies

My family is from China and we speak Chinese at home. I understand what it is like to come from a different country and want to be a Texan too. I am in the 7th grade. When I heard about “Open the Door”, I thought that mainly older students would enter the contest, but when the artist from France spoke to our Art Club, he said the contest was open to everyone.

I decided to draw an abstract design that uses the colors from the Texas and French flags. The stripes, stars and shapes represent fireworks to me. I envision the large painting from this image as bold, thick black lines making the shapes – many of them crossing over each other. Then we would use very bright blue and red to fill in with color. There would be many clean lines so that the white stood out.   Some of the stripes would have no black outline, but instead would just be the bold blue and red color (as at the top of the drawing).

The focal point is in the center of the drawing with most of the movement being counter-clockwise.

I had many other ideas as well – where particular Texas buildings are highlighted and of course, the Eiffel Tower included. But I thought that this “Firework” approach really reminded me of the theme of “The Big Bang” – where France & Texas are spinning and their respective colors and flag features ‘spin out’.

This design also reminds me of the power and the change – because the spinning image is an illustration of power – spiraling out and beginning to make a change.


In Collaboration with: Jean Buchler