Shaun Wegschied – Westchester Academy for International Studies

Culture is created through the beliefs and works by the inhabitants of the region in response to their surroundings, both man-made and natural. The work Iʼve created borrows from both Texas and France, including natural and man-made elements from each. The work has an intentional visual link to the visual style of Piet Mondrian during the time period in which the intellectual freedoms of  France allowed him to flourish into the style he is renown for. Mondrianʼs work during this period primarily utilizes the primary colors. Iʼve deviated from this, using green, red, and blue as the only highly saturated colors, as these are the colors on the Texas and French flags.

There is a less obvious link in the manipulation of the photographic content to Claude Monet. All photographs are either taken by me, or in the public domain. My intent would be to actually create prints of the manipulated work, and then work directly on top of them to tie in the visual elements of Mondrian and Monet. More than anything else, the intent of the visual style is to catch peoples attention, pulling them in to look closer, to payer closer attention to what is within the squares. I feel squares are the dominant shape that fits the theme. We use squares more than any other shape in our artificial constructs; to define areas, to create enclosures, to create constraints, to create openings, to create connections and passages.

More than anything, I wanted to participate to allow my students to experience the process with me and each other. I have several students that have submitted works as well, and am happy they have the opportunity to experience working collaboratively with local and French artists.