Stephanie Topin – The Art League

I’m interested in the Open Door project because I believe art should live outside of the exclusive walls of an art gallery. It does no use hanging for people already interested in art, hungry for new work, willing to seek it out any way they can. They will find art. If we truly are to bring people of diverse and various backgrounds together, art should be public, available and as common as any billboard in our city landscape.

“The Big Bang” scenography was my inspiration because of the spark of change. Pinpointing the moment when walls come down, when minds open, and when an outlook evolves is a thrilling idea. When you go through life with a certain perspective, change is not easily made. Change means that something has been learned. Change means possibilities.

That to me feels energizing, mixing, bubbling over, and spewing with color and movement. I hope the public can see that in my work.

My body of work has been a continuous self-portrait and a journaling of my change. As I look back through dozens of pieces all side by side, one large acrylic flow of lines and color combine. I see the aggression in the brush, the flooding, muddling, and drip. These numerous actions all combine into one seamless life tale ever growing with each panel. Every color is used to catch the eye and the lines link it all together.

There is no immediate end to my paintings, each piece is only a slice of a greater whole, as all of the pieces from students and artists around Houston will become a collective idea and a symbol of not only bringing various Creatives together, but also a large city. A city so vast most people born and raised here have not seen every neighborhood, but they can each see art from their own city or from halfway around the world and be connected to each place.