Sylvie Delusseau – Glassell School of Art

Open the door! Come in my house, relocate in my neighborhood, you will find a home; you will make friends from your old country and new friends from new country.

New faces, new challenges, melting pot, new food, new smell, new clothes, new but also different. Which culture to keep, which to adopt? How can I still be myself with my background and integrate in this new world? What are my values, the values I want, I need to transmit to my children or I need my neighborhood to understand?

United States of America and France have a long tradition of immigration and integration, but within a very different context -“recent versus old”- country and in very different frame- The Constitution in the United States and Code of Private Law in France” but both based on the principles of legislative supremacy, equality, the personal and economic autonomy of the individual, and absolute ownership and freedom of alienation of property : “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité”.

These are complex and still very vivid questions.

The proposed project in its foundation is much simpler than the above statements and questions, and aims to bring Faces and Emotions in order to illustrate today Diverse Houston. But why could it not also be Diverse Paris?

At another level, a closer look to this collection of faces will show that some of them are currently going through this cultural integration process as they are integrating samples of neighboring faces, these adjustments in their natural beauty or ugliness illustrating the miracle and the pain of this integration process.

I am a French Artist living in Houston since 2011, I have been raised several years in Africa, received Fine Art Diploma in Toulouse Fine Art Academy, worked for Advertising companies, lived and performed several exhibitions in Angola and Nigeria with local Artists and exhibited as well in France. I have been concentrating for many years to live portraits and nude painting and drawing.

Participation to this project resonates clearly in me as I have been so lucky to live and travel in so many countries, drawing sketches of the people met which very often lead them to open the doors of their home. In a certain way, in this project I will be able to achieve 2 main goals: celebrating this endangered ideal of a world built on communication and understanding and as a personal tribute to all the people I had met.