Thong Pham – Vietnamese Cultural Center

The submitted piece is titled Sorrow. A woman with her kids stands at the threshold of a new life. Change involves sorrow. When things change, when life changes, there is an inherent sadness for what must be left behind. However, it takes bravery to make that change in spite of the sorrow. Sorrow is one of the many doors one must pass through in order to transform one’s life.

The artist has a life-long passion for art with multiple mediums and sculpturing in bronze and other mediums.  His artistic experience includes working with Hallmark, designing jewelry, working free lance and art exhibitions.  His family includes his loving wife Mary and 6 wonderful children with beautiful grand kids.

His passion for art and love of contribution to his community includes donating artwork and pro-bono murals and painting work for churches.  He has taught art classes to young students and to adults.  He wants to share his life experience.  It is because of his passion for art and need to serve the community which is why he is interested in the ‘Open Door’ project.