What is it?

60 doors created by French and Texan artists exhibited citywide in 2013 

For two weeks in the spring of 2013, twelve professional artists from France and Texas each turned one side of a door into a work of art. They are part of a groundbreaking public art project called OPEN THE DOOR, originated by the Texan-French Alliance for the Arts and the Paris art collective, 9eme Concept. With these collaborative works of art and other events, we seek to break down social barriers and cultural stereotypes while focusing on intercultural understanding.

60 doors were created and are being installed in 19 locations around Houston

Since the beginning of 2013, around sixty unique doors were produced and are being installed in nineteen locations around the city of Houston. The locations are highlighted on a map that serves as a « Cultural Trail » and guide the public to all the OPEN THE DOOR events pointing to the doors as well as the diverse cultural local neighborhoods around Houston. French and American musicians, dancers, storytellers, etc. will perform at each location. Opening receptions for the installations will feature speakers who will expand upon the ideals and goals of OPEN THE DOOR.

In partnership with Houston’s educational and cultural institutions

In collaboration with the artists, after submitting design ideas to a contest juried by Houstonian art professionals, student teams chosen from local Houston educational and cultural institutions like The Art League of Houston, The Awty International School, The Glassell School of Art, HSPVA, Lone Star College, Neighborhood Centers, Rice University, The University of Houston Main Campus and Downtown, Westchester Academy for International Studies will work on creating their own doors. Throughout the creative process the French and Texan artists will provide guidance, advice, and encouragement to the art students and will collaborate on a door with them as well. Many organizations including the Houston Public Library, Diverseworks, Avenue CDC, Texas Children Cancer Center, the City of Houston, The Houston Parks Department and the French Consulate of Houston are also actively involved in the project.

A lasting contribution to Houston’s vibrant cultural diversity and international exposure

OPEN THE DOOR stems from the idea that every new experience we encounter, be it a new phase of life, learning about a new culture, or meet new people, can be represented by the image of a door. We can choose either to leave the door closed or open it and step across the threshold. OPEN THE DOOR’s symbolism does not stop at the interaction of French and Texan cultures. Although Houston is the first city to premiere this project, it will likely be presented in other major cities around the world. International exposure of OPEN THE DOOR reflects and brings to the world Houston’s vibrant cultural scene, quality of life, and its wonderful diversity.

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