TFAA and 9ème Concept


TFAA Lofo (vertical)

The Texan French Alliance for the Arts (also known as TFAA) is a non-profit cultural organization. Under the aegis of TFAA, varied artistic partnerships serve to promote new artists and expose audiences of today and tomorrow, to the appreciation of different art forms, thus strengthening cultural awareness between Texas and France.

777 Post Oak Blvd, suite 600, Houston, Texas 77056

Karine Parker-Lemoyne (Executive Director) :


9eme Concept, a Paris-based collective of artists, has been engaged in a major urban art movement since its inception twelve years ago. 9eme Concept is characterized by its freedom in creating accessible art on the streets for anyone. By gathering artists from painting, drawing, illustration and multimedia, 9eme Concept has envolved into a major force in the contemporary art scene in Paris.

7 rue de Capri 75012 Paris, France
Lucie Torres:

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